This is a new site

designed for both men and women who are into tiny penis humiliation.

Stories, photos, information, products, support and approval for men who are endowed with a tiny penis and must endure the humiliation and pleasures that comes with being so small.

                                   Having a tiny penis

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This entire site is dedicated to men and women who are into tiny penis humiliation.

The first few stories will be about my sexual life and how I have dealt with having a tiny penis, sharing my tiny penis, having both men and women especially my long time girlfriend inflict penis humiliation on my for there fun and pleasures and how I have grown to enjoy the full spectrum of tiny penis humiliation and the sexual gratification

available to men like my self that really are on the cusp between being a man or a women. I will share photos of myself and my very tiny penis, of my penis being

handled and trained to stay small and of some of my favorite photos from other sites.

There are companies out there, the one that comes to mind is

that offers products that encourage men with tiny penises to show them off and be proud. I will include photos of their male vagina style suits were are in some ways the most

extreme form of penis humiliation to the extent that they take a man with a tiny penis and mold him into a vagina shaped pouch that is as feminine and erotically female as anything I have ever seen for a man. These Fem swimwear designs are made for a man to be seen in public as a women, one of my girl friends favorite pleasures and the humiliation she bestows upon me doing this just gets her off.

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This site will take on a free form structure and as I add to it some of my rants might not stay in any particular order but I hope you will find them enjoyable anyway.


I have access to many photos of men nude with their very tiny penis being shown.

Some men find having their photo posted with their very small member exposed is humiliation on its own, they have so much to learn! We will search out and post interesting links about tiny penis humiliation.


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Remember this site is a work in progress so make sure to visit us regularly.

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