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Tiny penis humiliation, being passed around like a sex slave

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I am a straight male, maybe a better description would be a straight slave.

That being said my GF loves to share my tiny penis with her friends and forces me

to have sex with men and women who seem to get a big turn on over playing with a poor slaves tiny penis. I have been bound up at our local bondage club and my GF had one man after another play, suck, stroke, photograph, spank, milk and finger me in front of crowds of people at the bondage party until I was in tears, my humiliation seemed to increase the sexual intensity of the party. My tiny penis is to small for anal sex and not much good for vaginal sex though many women want to try and see what such a small cock feels like. It’s amazing how many men and women get tremendous enjoyment and pleasure from something so tiny and it’s more then the novelty because many of them I have sex with often, of course a large part of their pleasure comes from degrading me in front of one another and the pleasure they derive from my utter humiliation.

I am not lacking in ass size and it is treated as a sex object for men and women, My GF and her friends strap on dildos and bang me over and over again referring to my hole as a man pussy. She has had me submit to many men for anal sex both gay and many straight guys, and makes sure as they are doing me that they treat my tiny penis with the humiliation it deserves just for being small. She loves when straight guys have penetrated me and she tells them to play with my penis as if it was a clit, telling them to rub it and stimulate it as they would a vagina. When I am ready to cum they squeeze me hard inflicting pain on my tiny cock and preventing me from orgasms, this is not only humiliation but its cruel too.




Tiny penis humiliation, it started when I was in high school!

A lot of people ask me how I handled public school, using the gym, taking showers and being around all the guys. I can tell you that in middle school my penis was barely larger then a small vagina and the humiliation was almost tragic. Once middle school started we had to take showers after gym, this was something that I had a tremendous fear about doing before I started. I new from seeing my friends that my penis was very tiny but I did not want to been seen in the showers with the other guys, I knew they would make fun of me and it would be non stop humiliation. To no surprise the humiliation started from day one. My first time in the gym shower a large older boy came up to me and said some mean things about how small I was bringing tears to my eyes then he came closer and pinched my penis in his hands and left me crying and humiliated. A number of other boys saw this happen and thought it would be fun to torment me. Boys would come by when I was in the shower and grab me and slap my penis, I was pushed out of the locker room nude on many occasions in front of guys and girls (it’s not all sad, my first GF saw me pushed out nude and liked what she saw and felt sorry for me, but that’s another future story) Rumors quickly spread around the entire school, we had over 2000 kids and from that time on I was always know as the boy with the tiny penis. I did not have body hair like the other guys and almost no pubic hair around my penis. I was always teased that maybe I was really a girl and that I didn’t belong in the boy’s locker room.



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