What qualifies as a tiny penis? Any penis that is smaller then 1.5 inches soft

and 3.5 inches hard would have to be considered a tiny penis.

My penis in its soft state is about ¾” and has a very small diameter, we know girls,

Body builder types that have larger clits then my penis and have proved it clit to cock

and of course it was in front of many people, my GF loves the humiliation I receive

from being compared to women, it definitely gets her wet.

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Tiny penis humiliation in public


My GF knows that I am uncomfortable being nude in public, places like gym locker rooms, doctors offices, Beaches, spas and so on. We were in Germany a few years ago and unlike the USA, Germany is very open to nudity. This environment could not of been a better breeding ground for opportunities for her to inflict endless penis humiliation on me. I started almost immediately after we arrived. Our hotel had a beautiful spa and some of the men and women and kids used it nude other had on swimwear. Of course I did not want to be nude around all these people with such a tiny penis, it seemed like all the German guys penis’s were large even the young ones had much larger penis’s then mine. My GF thought this would be the perfect place for non stop humiliation. She forced me to change out of my clothes and commanded me to not even take a towel and meet her out by the pool to swim for a while. There were a few nude people most men had on suits a few women were topless and a few nude. My GF went topless with a tiny thong.

She paraded me around and took some chairs right in the middle of a crowd of younger guys all drinking and having fun. All the talking stopped when I laid down to tan. Everyone was starring at my tiny 1” penis, completely shaved and started making comments in German, when they figured out we were American they got very interested.

They asked my GF if I were here soon and some of them pointed at my penis. The one that spoke excellent English asked why I was not speaking to them, my GF said she did not want me to talk just to tan. Moments latter their wives all came down looked at me and my tiny penis and started chatting and laughing. Total embarrassment, total humiliation once again. One of the guys asked if my cock got any bigger and one of the girls after a few drinks came next to me to get a closer look. My GF let them all take pictures of me to show their friends and in front of everyone rub tanning oil all over my body stopping to pay special attention to my penis getting it very hard, it grow to a pathetic 1 ½” fully erect size which seemed to make everyone even happier. More photos were snapped, then she made me get up and go for a swim to cool off. Nothing like hundred people in another country all looking at you at the same time. She loves me to feel that kind of intense humiliation, at least she didn’t offer all the guys to play with me, she did get a little more humiliation in around the pool. After I got out of the pool with my penis virtually microscopic and pointing that out to all her new friends she had me lay on my stomach and showed everyone how tasty and completely waxed my hole was by spreading my ass cheeks and oiling them up the Germans loved it.

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