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One of my GF biggest turn on is treating me like one of the girls The fact is since I am so tiny and I have been through so much penis humiliation most of my life I find that women in general are much more sympathetic and at ease with me, most likely not like a real man but at some level much more like another girl and I to feel a kinship with many of my GF friends even though I have had sex with most of them it has seemed something more akin to Lesbian sex. When I am with them I am more at ease with my body and thou I still hear the penis humiliation jokes and your penis is smaller then my pussy it’s almost always in fun with just a little teasing, most of the women are not nasty and abusive like the men are to me, with the exception of a few bitches that just love to torture my tiny penis. When I am with the girls I do feel more like a girl then a man and that is how I am treated around them. We change in front of each other, they take me shopping, we all massage each other but again they treat me like a girl and it does not bother the husbands of the one’s that are married, there is no threat from me, the husband have seen my penis and many how had sex with me, they do see me as a women and in that respect knowing that I get to play with their wives and I know all the girl secrets makes me feel better about all the penis humiliation I receive from these so called real men. My GF thinks it’s great to make me shower everyday at the gym just for the humiliation I receive showering in front of normal and larger guys that are just plain hung. I am completely shaved which at this time you see a lot more shaved guys in the shower. But between being shaved and being tiny I still get every guy in the shower checking me out. My GF is friends with many of the bodybuilders and she is always having one take a shower with me. These guys love touching my tiny penis, it must be sport to them but some really get into it, soaping me down and stroking it right there in front of other men. Every guy in the gym stares at me and I’m sure almost every girl has heard about the guy with the micro penis and what happens in the men’s locker room.


Tiny penis humiliation and the abuse a tiny penis must endure

I can’t tell you how many times I have cried myself to sleep. It’s not my fault that me penis is so small and that I should be abused and molested in so many ways and it’s been happening for so long. The guys in Middle school and High school, my college days, my life in general has some amount of penis humiliation built into to every day.


Neat Tiny Penis Humiliation trick.

My GF pushes my tiny shaft and balls inside of me and sculptures a vagina out of it with the tip of my penis head as the clit. She has shown this neat little humiliation trick to hundreds of people. Every time she makes a new friend no matter how mad I get she strips me down and does the man pussy thing to me. I feel this is the most humiliating thing she does to me but its also amazing that she makes my penis look exactly like a pussy. I know when she reads this she will make me post some photos and maybe a video.


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