Tiny penis humiliation, my GF’s plan backfires on her!


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Wanted to tell you about our little get together the other night. First I have received over

20 e-mails asking me what my GF’s name is and after a little begging she is letting me use her real name, Cindy, now you know. Cindy had a few girlfriends over the other night none of them very attractive but all into inflicting humiliation on me and on my tiny penis. It’s a regular humiliation get together with this crew. As many of you know men like my self are at times are very aroused by humiliation and the attention that humiliation of the penis generates. This particular get together had the girls drinking and having a good time, something was up, they were very secretive and playful. I was called into the room by Clair, a large bland looking mean women. She had me strip down and explained that I was in trouble for listening to their conversation. The girls took turns spanking my ass as one of the others would pull on my tiny shaft and balls and make jokes about it.

Sometimes I just feel like crying but I kept me head up and took the punishment they gave me. Out of no where there was a knock on the door and smiles all around, we have a surprise for you! A beautiful women came in the den to play with us. She was so good looking and she was tender, she smiled at my tiny penis and rubbed it with gentleness that I am not use to. The other girls watched making their typical comments trying the best they could to inflict verbal humiliation on me, but I was into the new girl, her name was Carla and I thought she was one of the best looking girls Cindy had ever had stop by. Carla took my tiny penis in her mouth having it completely disappear in one mouthful. She was so sweet. The girls seemed to get extra enjoyment out of watching us. The girls told Carla to strip down so I could service her, my tiny penis would be of no use but my mouth was useful. I thought fuck them I would try hard to make Carla happy. She took off her top and had the most amazing set of tit’s, they were perfect, large and full and soft, an excellent breast job. She peeled off her skirt and the girls seemed to get more aroused and excited. Carla then dropped  panties and the girls including Cindy must have loved it, The ultimate humiliation, Carla standing there as beautiful as can be had what must be called a micro penis so tiny it could not be used for anything. I was shocked but did not show it, fuck them, they are trying to inflict humiliation and shock on me and Carla seemed stunned and hurt by their humiliation of her. It was obvious that she was a pre-op transsexual. I thought this girl was so gentle and loving with me I will not let the humiliation they are bringing on us take place. I walked over to Carla, who was easily as good looking as Cindy and Cindy is hot, gave her a long and loving kiss and dropped to my knees taking her extreme tiny penis into my mouth and sucking and playing with it in front of the girls. They were shocked and mad that their plan backfired. Clair said your fucked as she  put on a strap on dildo and fucked me right there will I was sucking Carla.

I did not stop, Carla said it’s hard for her to cum because of the estrogen she takes, but I said I would suck it until she did. Her tiny penis was hard as can be, tiny but hard. Clair pounded me so hard and was reaching under squeezing my penis until tears were flowing from my eyes, she thought humiliation was at hand but I kept going until Carla had an orgasm her tiny penis relieving itself of its load in my mouth, for good measure I drank it down. Clair turned me over and told Carla to take my penis in her ass. As tiny as it is Carla managed to get it in and pumped me until I blew. It was amazing, what the girls thought would be a day of penis humiliation turned out to be one of the best days ever.

I am sure Carla and I will be friends for a long time, and I hope she keeps her tiny penis, I feel such a strong attraction to her the way she is. Penis humiliation sometimes turns out to be a very exciting proposition. There is hope for us men who are constantly subjects of humiliation just because we are unfortunate enough to be born with very  small penis.

If you are thinking about getting involved with the type of women that are into humiliation and tiny penis men make sure to practice anal sex with a small butt plug and work your way to larger dildos, because anal humiliation is part of the package, I have learned to enjoy it.


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