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This was reprinted for a letter sent to Koala

The photos are supplied by Koala.

I to have used this unit and it works well, I especially like how large it

makes my non erect penis bigger.



The most amazing device for a larger penis, one that actually works

and it is a great deal too!


I have tried it all, the pills, the vacuums, the exercises, the creams, the oils you name it

and none of them work! The closet thing to working from the above list are the vacuum units but the effect is temporary. They make you larger but only for a very short time. Their real use is to draw blood into the penis for men who have trouble getting an erection and the high quality ones do that well. If not working and my penis not getting larger wasn’t bad enough paying tons of money for the different non working products made it even that much worse. I will tell you my story in a minute as to why I wanted a larger penis but I went as far as checking into penis enlargement surgery. I live in Los Angeles and some of the best surgeons are here. I saw photos of before and after and for the size change it was not worth it. pain, tons of money which my health insurance would not pay for. Not worth it for such a small gain.


The product I found that worked way beyond my wildest dreams was so simple, so effective and so inexpensive!  Here is the link for it: http://www.koalaswim.com/ko-2008-collection.htm click on then scroll down on the side to see it. They call it the penis enlargement system.

This method has worked for thousands of years and I started getting excellent permanent

benefits within a few weeks.


Here is my story.

I am not one of those guys with a 6” cock looking for a huge 8” I’m not that greedy. I am a guy with a 3.5” cock and even worse it was less then 1” when non erect, in most cases this was even more embarrassing then having such a small erect cock.

I am married and my wife always says that she loves my cock, it works fine three kids and all that but I see it in her eyes when we watch porn that she would love me to have a larger cock. I would love to make that happen but not just for that reason. I workout a lot and I am always at the gym. Ever since dreading the showers at my high school gym and having the guys and girls tease me about it all through school and it never stopped even as an adult you get guys smirking and laughing when they glance my tiny cock, I have had guys say aren’t you in the wrong locker room? Assholes yes but there is some truth to it. It is hard to feel like a real man when you are so small down there or as Howard Stern says you are hung like a girl. Let’s jump to now! The company that makes The Penis Enlargement Systems is Koala

They have been making the swimwear that I love to tan in for years and when they introduced this device a couple of months ago I was skeptical but it did in fact look like it would work and the concept it is based on has worked for ages. I bought one and I can tell you as a matter of fact my cock did not double in size in just two days as many of these companies promise( Koala said I should see results in weeks which I did!) but over a 5 week period my erect cock is thicker and now is a full 5” erect which makes me and my wife very happy but even better then that is it’s over 3” non erect and I feel so much better taking showers and being undressed in the locker room. No more laughs, in fact it seems at least by the look of it that my cock is larger then many, I know at best it is about average now in size but it does look larger then many guys who I’m sure have bigger cocks. I am not sure it will get any bigger but the truth is the system feels so good that it’s fun trying! I wish this was available when I was in high school, it would have made my life much easier.  I give you permission to post this letter and my sincere appreciation to you boys at Koala, Thank You!  Mens swimwear


Hugo Orozco

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